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Title: Move with the Harvest
Author: umbrellaofdoom
Rating: G
Prompt: Cutting loose strings

September had always been a time of renewal for her. This is when the real new year was. New clothes, new pencils, new pens and new books. A time to make new resolutions, to tell herself “This year would be better!” It became a time of a new home, school giving her a near nomadic lifestyle, moving with the seasons from the home to the harvest.

But this September, for the first time in almost 23 years, September didn’t mean renewal. September was just another month.

As the days in August marched on, she felt uncomfortable. There was no fall clothes shopping day. No first day of school outfit planned. Nothing new at all.

A week before September, she acted impulsively. She signed a new lease. Moved out of her parent’s house. Left her job and started looking for a new one in her new city.

And then she went out and bought herself brand new pencils, shoes, and a bag.

Old habits die hard.