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Writers respond to weekly prompts with original writing!

Welcome to originalprompts!

Are you a writer who just can't think of anything to write? Have an itch to pick up a pen, but the inspiration just isn't there? Want to write beyond fanfiction, but don't know where to start? This is a community where you can practise your original writing skills with others in your position!

Every Monday, the prompts will be posted. Writers then have a week to post whatever these prompts inspired. The stories don't need to be all stand alones - if you have characters you want to work with, feel free to use the same universe and characters. And feel free to post as many as times as you like! There is no limit to creativity. If a prompt inspires you to write 10 things, write all 10!

Posting Rules

1. All works must be original. No fanfiction!
2. All works must be either a piece of short fiction or a script. (aka, no poetry)
3. All entries must be tagged by author, genre, and prompt week
4. Posts must only be in response to the prompts.
5. Do not link to friend-locked posts. If you link to another journal or community, it must be an open post.
6. Please put the appropriate adult content warnings on your post.
7. Please include this in your post:

Member Rules

1. Please join the community!
2. Drama free zone.
3. Even if you don't post often, please comment on what you read. Please don't be afraid to give critique (we're all here to get better, not to get comfortable in our mistakes) but please be courteous. Flames are rude and unnecessary. Comments just to say you read makes the writers feel good! :D

This is still under development.

All works within this community are protected by copyright of the respective writer.
Unless otherwise stated, all rights reserved.